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WELCOME to Pilates in Paradise CLASSICAL CONFERENCE 2017 with presenters: Saul Choza, Christina Allen Franchini, Norma-Jean Kelly and Liisa Johannsson!
Due to the wrath of IRMA, the conference has had to have some changes. The Islander Resort flooded and they are closed for 6 months to a year. We re-designed the Conference in order to be able to host at our Tavernier location (which now includes lunch). We are only able to host no more than 25 attendees! If you have been considering the conference, I would encourage you to please come and support our local community that could use an economic boost. Listed below are hotels in the close vicinity of the studio with rooms available. PLEASE act fast, as all Ocean-Side properties have had damage and MANY hotel rooms are offline for sometime.

Thank you all for your love and interest in our beautiful Florida Keys! We hope that you will join us for a fun filled weekend!




December 1517th 2017
at PILATES IN PARADISE (Tavernier location)
Conference Agenda:
Friday, the 15th:
11am-3pm Private lessons
4-5pm *BONUS Presenters Showcase $20
5:30-7:30pm Meet and Greet $30/pp includes delicious food and drinks!
Saturday, the 16th:
9am-12pm Saul-Hips $50
12-1pm Privates
2-4pm Norma-Jean – 8 Elements of a traditional ending $35
4-5pm Norma-Jean – Teaching a disabled paratrooper $20
Sunday, the 17th:
8am Private/Duet lessons
9am-10:30am Christi – Bathroom Exercises
10:30am-12pm Liisa – The body in front of you $30
1-4pm Saul-Shoulders $50
4-5pm Q&A, Closing Champagne Toast


$500 for three days
Romana’s Pilates, USPA and APU (Authentic Pilates Union) Discount: 10%
Contact for discount code.
choose any individual workshops from the Agenda (as many as you wish)

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available but limited. You can book your private lessons at time of registration.

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You can book your registration here:Pilates in Paradise Classical Conference 2017 | Summary | powered by RegOnline


      Workshop Descriptions

      Hip Joints-The Other Powerhouses (Saul Choza) In this workshop, students will learn that hip joints not only serve as base joints for the attachment of the lower extremities, but they are also basilar joints for the pelvis, which is the foundation for the spine. A well-balanced hip-joint hosts a neutral pelvis, which is a vital structure for a healthy spine. We will discuss: over developed gluteus, hip-flexors, and hamstrings, and the effects on the spine. Students will also learn the proper muscle activation for the “wrap”, and why the cue to “squeeze the butt” does not allow freedom of the pelvis which is very important in many of the Pilates exercises. $50

      The 8 Elements of a traditional ending (Norma Jean Kelly) In this workshop we will explore the eight elements of a traditional ending and how they relate to the Pilates method. Incorporating these elements into your session endings will help your clients improve their technique and make them more mindful of their body outside of the studio. Learn how to create fun effective, traditional endings for your clients at all levels. Set your clients up for success and help them improve the quality of their lives. $35

      Disabled former Paratrooper finds new life with the science of Pilates (Norma Jean Kelly) Jim (Boomer) Kelly has severe lower extremity injuries, which limits his Pilates workout to the Arm Chair (Baby Chair). Together we created a challenging workout, that avoided aggravating his injuries, and allowed him to build muscle in his legs without him moving them. Observe and join, Jim in doing the workout that fundamentally changed his life. $20

      The Bathroom Exercises (Christi Allen Franchini) Joseph Pilates had a bathroom routine which was series of exercises he did with the eyes, the face, towel stretches, dry brushing and even washing and drying the body! These are powerful, useful tools that you can teach your clients so they can continue to work their powerhouses, strengthen their eye sight, flush their lymphatic system, and challenge their balance…all within the confines of their bathroom! $40 (includes dry brush and towel)

      Teach the body in front of you (Liisa Johannsson) Two attendees will be used for a total of 45 minutes each. Liisa will teach the body in front of her while other attendees watch, interact and learn. $30

      Shoulder Joints-The Other Powerhouses (Saul Choza) In this workhsop, participants will learn the importance of mobility of the scapula, as well as exercises that help stretch and strengthen muscles in the shoulder complex. The cue, “shoulders down”, creates too much simplicity of the complex workings of the shoulder joint. One will learn how to look at this structure as a three-dimensional object. Students will discover that when creating a balanced muscle structure in the joint, especially in exercises with point of contact in the hands, will facilitate the connection of your “powerhouse”. $50

        • Hotels: Lookout Lodge (one mile south)
          This hotel is located right next door to Marker 88 restaurant. FABULOUS views of sunset from both the hotel and the restaurant. Paddleboarding and kayaking available at the beach at Marker 88.

          3/2-bedroom suites that can sleep 4 people (One king or queen, 2 double beds and a queen sleeper sofa) $235/night
          4/one room suites that can sleep 2 people ranging from $135-$199/night
          Book directly at and rates are cheaper

          Conch On Inn motel (RIGHT NEXT DOOR)
          only has one double room avail (fridge and microwave only) $119-$139/night

          Atlantic Bay Resort (3 miles north)
          Range from $205-$281/night
          Cottages available too

          Island Bay Resort (3 miles north)
          Range from $189-$648/night
          (Fri-Sun available only)


          Key Largo:
          Bay Harbor Lodge (9 miles north)
          Range from $145-$235/night

          La Jolla Resort (7 miles south)
          Range from $139-$249/night

            Check out a few moments from last year Conference
Saul Choza

Saul Choza

Owner, Winsor Choza Pilates

Saul Choza has a passion for transforming bodies through the art and science of Pilates, demonstrating a commitment to the field that has gained accolades from clients and the media for producing exceptional results. His twenty year evolution as an instructor, combined with a desire to incorporate complementing fitness modalities, has attracted a loyal client roster that includes Hollywood’s elite entertainers in film, music and fashion; along with powerhouse corporate executives who require a healthy dose of fitness to balance their busy careers.
Saul’s career in Pilates began accidentally. A struggling dancer in search of improving his classical technique, Saul met and began training with Mari Winsor, Hollywood’s premiere pilates instructor. Thus began a two-decade relationship, with Saul taking on a role as a Winsor senior instructor and appearing in numerous Winsor fitness videos. In 2016, their longstanding friendship resulted in Saul taking over the business with the launch of Winsor Choza, a boutique Pilates environment in Hollywood.
A teacher’s teacher, Saul hosts a weekly workshop where trainers can reenergize their practice and deepen their understanding of Pilates. His personal development as a trainer includes certification by Romana Kryzanowska and workshops from top Pilates instructors such as Sari Mejia, Kathy Grant, Lolita San Miguel, Jay Grimes, Maria Jose’ Blom, Cynthia Lochard, Brooke Siler, Kathy Ross Nash and more. Saul also holds a Fitness Instruction certificate from UCLA extension and first level certificate in Kettle-bells and Crosscore180. He is also a PMA certified Pilates teacher.
Saul sees clients at Winsor Choza Pilates; and also conducts house calls, where clients can work in the comfort of their own home.

Christina Allen Franchini

Christina Allen Franchini

Owner of Pilates in Paradise

Christi Allen, owner of Pilates in Paradise, is certified through world renowned Romana’s Pilates. Christi has trained in the Classical Pilates Method from Master Teachers from all over the World for the past 15 years. Christi began her fitness career in 2000 as a personal trainer. This is where she was first introduced to “Pilates”. Even though it wasn’t the real thing, it was just enough to peak her interest. In June 2002, after much research and 120 hours of private instruction with a certified Romana’s Pilates instructor, Christi began her studies in New York under Pilates protege, Romana Kryzanowska, and her daughter Sari Mejia Santo, and grand-daughter Daria Pace. New York wasn’t the only place Christi studied, she also spent many hours in her home state of Florida. Since the completion of her certification, she has made it her mission to attend/host as many workshops, conferences and continued education courses, both in Pilates and other energy/body mechanical methods as she could. Christi is also a board member of the Authentic Pilates Union and has been featured in Pilates Style Magazine.
Norma-Jean Kelly

Norma-Jean Kelly

Certified Romana's Pilates Instructor with 16 years of Pilates experience

Norma-Jean is an international instructor with 16 years of experience. She has taught in Brasil, Mexico and other exotic islands and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. She has a background in competitive swimming and skiing and spent many years as a professional dancer traveling the world. She found Pilates to rehabilitate a bulging disc in her back and found it so effective she became an instructor of the method. She first became certified by Performing Arts Physical Therapy of Los Angeles in 1999. Then relocated to NYC to get her 2nd certification by Romana Pilates in 2010. Norma-Jean has also completed the Pilates Professional Advanced Teacher Training Workshop series with Kathi Ross-Nash. Norma Jean has also been featured in Pilates Style Magazine. Now a permanent resident of Marathon, Norma-Jean is very active performing in the community theater with her husband, volunteering to aid in hurricane relief of the middle keys and spreading the knowledge of the science of Pilates with all around her.
Liisa Johannsson

Liisa Johannsson

Certified Romana's Pilates Instructor with over 25 years of Pilates experience

Liisa Johannsson found Pilates in the early 1990’s and received her certification from Romana Kryzanowska in 1993. She has spent many years close to Romana, and cherishes what she has told her and given her. Liisa has spent her entire Pilates career continuing to study The Pilates Method, attending over 140 conference/workshops. Liisa is originally from Fineland, but married an Icelandic airline captain, and now resides in Iceland where she owns The Pilates Studio of Iceland. Liisa comes from athletic genes with a mother who was a gymnast in the 1936 Berlin Olympics! Liisa was a figure skater, competiting all over Fineland and was the founder of the first figure-skating school in Iceland and was awarded the highest honor by Icelandic Sports Association. Liisa speaks 7 languages.