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Christi Allen

2nd Generation Senior Instructor

JOY, is one of the greatest medicines for the soul which, when combined with the revitalizing & healing energy of our 2nd Generation Romana’s Pilates Teacher, Christi Allen Franchini; working on your body, will feel like an exciting adventure on your path, towards optimum health.


With over 22 years of experience in the Fitness & Wellness industry, Christi has been masterfully certified in the renowned Romana’s Pilates; through this practice, she supports clients not only become physically empowered but also mentally stimulated.

“Pilates is in 3 words, stretch with strength and control, and the control part, is the most important one, because that makes you use your mind”

— Romana Kryzanowska

Being a natural born leader who understands how to best serve her community, Christi has built a “family” practice, inspired by her passion to help clients holistically enjoy their physical health, through the practice of Pilates and her charismatic & dynamic personality. Everyone who experiences “The Christi Effect” is impacted by her powerful ability to improve the overall wellbeing of those who she encounters.

With over 2000+ hours of extensive training and having learned from the best Masters in the field; Christi not only works with clients, but also serves, as a 2nd Generation Senior Instructor, who infuses her apprentices, with the pure essence of the purpose of Pilates and therefore —transforming their lives.

Throughout her years of experience, Christi has discovered and confirmed that Pilates is much more than just an exercise modality, it is also a Fountain of Youth.

Pilates can change your life & with Christi, —you will experience a whole New Level..

Holistic Approach

Christi also believes, like Joseph Pilates, that Pilates is a lifestyle. That lifestyle not only includes exercise, but eating well, sleeping well and having a sound mind. Christi shares this understanding and passion through her certification as a CHEK Level 1 Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. She offers one on one, group, or internet coaching.

Also in her tool belt are many different energy medicine courses. Christi brings a different element of understanding the power of the mind, intention and touch. Her extensive and varied background allows her to offer special one and half hour lessons offering special stretching and energy work before or after a pilates lesson.

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