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Christi Allen

2nd Generation Senior Instructor

Christi Allen, owner and instructor at Pilates in Paradise, is a Certified Pilates Instructor Level 5 through world renowned Romana’s Pilates. Christi has 1500+ hours of training in the Pilates Method from Master Teachers from all over the country.


Christi began her fitness career in 2000 as a personal trainer. This is where she was first introduced to “pilates”. Even though it wasn’t the real thing, it was just enough to peak her interest. In June 2002, after much research and 120 hours of private instruction (at least 75 was required) with a certified Romana’s Pilates instructor, Christi began her studies in New York under pilates protege, Romana Kryzanowska, and her daughter Sari Mejia Santo, and grand-daughter Daria Pace. Christi not only spent many hours in New York with many great teachers, but she also spent many hours in South Florida working with Level 3 Instructors completing the program in November of 2004.

Holistic Approach

Christi also believes, like Joseph Pilates, that Pilates is a lifestyle. That lifestyle not only includes exercise, but eating well, sleeping well and having a sound mind. Christi shares this understanding and passion through her certification as a CHEK Level 1 Nutrition and Holistic Lifestyle Coach. She offers one on one, group, or internet coaching.

Also in her tool belt are many different energy medicine courses. Christi brings a different element of understanding the power of the mind, intention and touch. Her extensive and varied background allows her to offer special one and half hour lessons offering special stretching and energy work before or after a pilates lesson.

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