Home Testimonial
Three invasive surgeries has left my body twisted with scar tissue and has contributed to a herniated disk. Pilates unkinks me and puts me back in line. For 7 years now I always feel better when I leave, then when I came in.
Carolyn C., forever greatful
Two years ago I began doing Pilates. I couldn’t have made a better decision. Next year I will have my 60th birthday and I haven’t felt stronger or more agile since my twenties. Pilates makes you feel better from day one and I will continue to do it and to feel stronger as long as I live.
Jim B., youthfully charged
I started doing Pilates classes at Pilates in Paradise four years ago, and look forward to my lessons each week. Before I started Pilates I suffered from chronic neck pain and tried many therapeutic methods to relieve my pain with no long-term benefit. I recommend Pilates for anyone looking to relieve stress, increase energy, and most of all seeking relief from chronic pain.
Amy P., chronic pain
Four years ago I began doing Pilates just to get in shape. In less then a year I looked better then I did in high school. Two years ago after major surgery, a lot of nerve damage and impairment I needed therapy. It was recommended I do Pilates for therapy and I couldn’t be happier. After 4 month I had full range of motion that I wasn’t expected to have and today I continue doing Pilates to once again stay in shape. It does a body good!
Ruth S-G., full range of motion
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