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Meet Our Team

Our highly-trained 3rd generation Pilates instructors know how to work with bodies of all fitness levels, ages, shapes, and sizes. Our experience, creativity, and good attitude allows us to build a rapport with our clients as we personalize movements designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance your body. We make Pilates fun as we empower your body and your mind.

Paradise in Pilates instructor guiding a client
Christi Allen Frachini
Angel Arguelles
Chis Hoguet
Mary Peacock
Michelle Pope
Meredith Bristol
Amy Fernandez
Yvette Aviles
Emelia Ardito
Paradise in Pilates instructor guiding a group class on Gratz reformers in the studio

Pilates in Paradise features great instructors led by Christi who is an amazing teacher and guide. I feel so lucky to have this amazing resource so close.

Ann H.

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